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Urban Unnati

Urban Unnati, where the artistry of construction meets the precision of technology. Our fervor for exceptional community design is at the heart of every landmark creation, ensuring a fusion of excellence that resonates across all echelons of society. Since our inception in 2016, we've transcended the ordinary constructs of builders, emerging as artisans of unparalleled living experiences brought to you by architects of passion.

We are not just builders; we are creators of Transformative living experiences and quality community design

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Our Story

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Our commitment to excellence is the driving force behind every endeavor, ensuring that we consistently exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled quality in all that we do.



We embrace empathy as the cornerstone of our culture, fostering genuine connections that drive understanding and support within our team and with our stakeholders.



Putting our customers at the heart of everything, we strive to anticipate their needs, exceed their expectations, and build lasting relationships.

Customer Centricity


We thrive on innovation, encouraging a culture where creative thinking and continuous improvement are celebrated, driving us to push boundaries and shape the future.



Our foundation is built on unwavering integrity, where honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior guide our decisions, earning the trust of our team, partners, and customers.



We take pride in our craftsmanship, dedicating ourselves to the meticulous artistry of our work, ensuring every detail reflects our passion for excellence and elevates the quality of our services.



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Meet The Team

Visionary Founder

Desireddy Sudhakar Reddy

With a stellar IT career, Sudhakar brings unparalleled leadership to our endeavors. His foresight and strategic acumen lay the foundation for Urban Unnati's commitment to a legacy of excellence.

Managing Director

Chandrashekar Chennupati

The cornerstone of our expertise. Chandrashekar possesses a comprehensive understanding of construction, from ground-level intricacies to top-level intricacies. His intensified knowledge serves as the bedrock for our projects.

Managing Director

Naresh Reddy Palli

Infusing our endeavors with a worldwide perspective, his strategic foresight and business savvy act as catalysts, propelling us to soar to new heights of success.

Managing Director

Sanjeev Kumar Reddy

Our dynamic MD is armed with a wealth of experience from major MNCs. He brings a global perspective to Urban Unnati. His strategic insights and business intelligence propel us to new heights.

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